Giới thiệu tiếng anh

Tourism is becoming one of the most important and fast growing industries in Vietnam. The Majcen Hotel & Restaurant Professional School   catches up with this promising trend and  supports  disadvantaged Vietnamese  youth in providing them a thorough education in the hospitality business.
The Majcen Hotel & Restaurant Professional School   is not just a theoretically but also  practical exercise in restaurants or  hotels  where the students learn on the job cooking, food & beverage, housekeeping and front office. It is The Dual System, Qualified and experienced teachers provide education. The program runs over 3 years and includes  theoretical education besidesa lot of practice.
The Majcen  Hotel & Restaurant School    responds to the needs of the poorest of Vietnamese youth by offering them a high quality professional education that prepares them for work and for life, with benefits not only to Vietnam but potentially to other societies as well. Candidates from the Majcen Hotel & Restaurant Professional School    are eminently employable in a globalized world.
Mai Sen Hotel &  Restaurant Professional School sees its mission as a direct response to poverty through  professional education, reaches out to poor families, and helps to improve society. It does this by appealing to the inner gifts of the young, and by emphasizing spiritual and human values of generosity, joy, responsible service, belief in self and believe in God

We are training:

Restaurant specialists,



According to the German Dual System,

was approved and  Final Exam accredited by the

AHK ( Dalegation of German Industriy and Commerce)